1st May 2003 - 16th Dec 2004

For place names where I've stopped on route and a brief description, move your mouse over the red markers. Position of bus indicates last known location.


Amiens. Friends from Uk, John and George,  came for visit. Paris. Worked with the Missionaries of Charity - The Mother Teresa Order in soup kithcen. Le Touquet London. Played tourist before leaving UK. Gaia House, Devon. Meditation retreat. Le Touquet. Anchor drop.  Arrived for 2-3 days but stayed 6 weeks until  I had a cunning plan. Paris Pamiers, Toulouse. Stayed with friends who were setting up a commune. A group of us jumped in the bus and headed towards Barcelona. Bentanzos. Came here for a couple of meditation retreats one being specifically on the Chakras. Afterwards stayed with friends. Returned to the Uk for Grant and Rachaels wedding. Flew back to UK from Madrid, so I caught the overnight train from Betanzos it took about 10 hours. Clermont Ferrand. I found a mountain top with a fantastic view overlooking an old Chateau and stayed there for about a week. Only coming down to top up my water tank. I had to make a couple of emergency visits back to the UK. Upon my return from the second trip I decided to come back via Ireland and did a mini tour for 4 weeks. Tours. 3 month French language course Rome. For Beatification of Mother Teresa. Tour to Nowhere. Troyes, Nancy, Strasbourg & Baden Baden - Germany. Myself and 2 friends, Amandine and Amilie,  just set off and see where we would end up. Last Known Sighting - On Ferry back to the UK where the bus was put in storage as it wasn't required for the next leg of the journey. Nantes. Ran away and parked up by lakes for the weekend. Maastericht. Stayed with Pepijn and Family Amsterdam as a tourist. Stayed with friends old and new for Halloween. Montpellier. I stopped off for a few days on my way to Spain and stayed about 4 months. Dharma Yatra, or pilgrimage, in the Pyrenees. We walked every day for 2 weeks in silence. Approx 220 people from 24 countries attended from as far away as Australia. Flew To Alicante 3rd Dec. Visited friends Jim and Steve in Alicante at their new holiday villa before flying back to Betanzos to collect my van and taking it back to the UK. Caught ferry back to the UK with Destiny Bus, to park it up before going farther a field with a rucksack. Returned to Uk to leave van and take a  flight to St Petersburg to catch the Trans Siberian Express from Russia to China.