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I packed my bag and departed the UK in early 2003, since January '05 I have been based in Xi'an, China, and in December '05 I founded what is recognised as being the first Soup kitchen in China. Although it has dominated my time and energy ever since it has always remained my focus to make myself redundant as soon as possible. As the Soup kitchen has become more established I have been able to spread my wings a little more and take time out to continue learning & exploring, often in other locations, which has regularly resulted in me being on the road for 7 months or more in a year. A summary of my wanderings can be seen on the itinerary page.


In the October 2018 Queens Birthday Honours list I was awarded an MBE for services to the homeless and underprivileged in China, an award which I was happy to accept on behalf of the organisation and all the volunteers that have made it all happen. For more information about our work in China see our website:-




  "Few great journeys are completed without the occasional detour or diversion. Again and again we make new beginnings in our lives, initiate new directions. The very unfamiliarity of our travels means that there are few signposts we can rely upon for reassurance. Inevitably there are times when we lose our way, make mistakes, or flounder in doubts about our ability to complete our journey. Part of bringing our journey to completion is learning how to accept difficulty with graciousness, how to grow through the mistakes we make. It is our own courage that allows us to find a place of serenity and truth amid the storms and difficulties."
Taken from "Soul Food" by Jack Cornfield and Christina Feldman. Reprinted by kind permission of C Feldman

Welcome to Tony Day's Home Page. This is my recount, via maps, photos, itinerary and diary entries, of a selection of experiences after embarking on what may prove to be a lifelong journey. I have no set agenda just a sketchy plan. I expect the trip to write its own story and go its own way. I guess I'll just go along for the ride.

Contrary to popular opinion, I didn't just suddenly lose my marbles and decide to do this over night; when I look back I can see that, unconsciously, I have been preparing myself for this trip for perhaps 10 years or maybe even longer. It's just that I wasn't aware of when or how it would begin or what form it would take. Either way I wasn't expecting this!

As a result, I have sold up, chucked the towel in, left the rat race, jumped off the treadmill and any other cliches that I may have overlooked. Instead, I have traded it all in for a Camper Van, a blank piece of paper and an open ended ticket........ Sounds like a bargain to me.

Before and After Photos
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My thinking at this stage is to spend about 6 months in France and then head into Spain for about another 6 months.

From there, I intend to make my way towards India, arriving by Jan 2005. Where I anticipate spending about 1-2 years in various places i.e. India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Kashmir. Then who knows which direction I will go. Africa is also on my list, so we shall see if and how this works its way into the schedule. I fully anticipate my itinerary to change many times as I don't know which direction I will be taken. If I am enjoying a particular location I may stay longer and if not I will move on. However, change is good.

Anticipated duration? I may awake one morning and decide to stop or settle in one place for a while, wherever and whenever that may be. Equally I may not.


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